Dolly and her 9 puppies were dumped on the doorstep of a local animal shelter in the middle of a winter storm, tossed out like garbage!

Dolly was weak and shivering trying to keep her poor newborn pups alive.

K9 Lifeline Rescue is taking care of Dolly and her nine puppies, nursing all back to health and keeping them safe.

Here at K9 Lifeline Rescue, our place and our hearts are full of dogs! We rescue shelter dogs that need us from local shelters, helping them save more lives. We give them the time they need to receive veterinary care, have fun socializing, learn house manners and generally enjoy being loved!
We love and care for dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages. We take in a lot of dogs that have medical or behavioral needs.
If you love what we do, and want to help us help more dogs, please let us know! We always need volunteers, donors, fosters and adopters to keep our program going!